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Employment and Training Administration

Department of Labor, Washington, DC 20520


Deputy Assistant Secretaries Matthew Hunter
Nancy Rooney
Amy Simon

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) provides quality job training, employment, labor market information, and income maintenance services, primarily through State and local workforce development systems. ETA also administers programs to enhance employment opportunities and business prosperity.

Apprenticeship Programs

The Office of Apprenticeship oversees the National Apprenticeship System, sets standards for apprenticeship, and assists States, industry, and labor in developing apprenticeship programs that meet required standards while promoting equal opportunity and safeguarding the welfare of apprentices.

Contracts Management

The Office of Contracts Management (OCM) provides leadership and direction to ensure acquisition excellence, integrity, accountability, and sound management of procurement resources to support Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and Job Corps goals and guiding principles for the acquisition of goods and services. Job Corps contracts account for 75 percent of the Department’s contracting activity. Non-Job Corps contract activity supports ETA grant programs through technical assistance and long-term studies and evaluations.

Financial Administration

The Office of Financial Administration (OFA) is responsible for managing all ETA fiscal resources for programs and activities for which funds are appropriated through its functions of accounting, budget, and financial system oversight. OFA provides critical budgetary, accounting, audit, and internal control management. It coordinates with the Departmental Budget Center and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to provide financial management supporting the accomplishment of all aspects of ETA's mission.

Foreign Labor Certification

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification (OFLC) carries out the delegated responsibility of the Secretary of Labor under the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended, concerning the admission of foreign workers into the United States for employment.

In carrying out this responsibility, OFLC administers temporary nonimmigrant and permanent labor certification programs through ETA’s National Processing Centers located, respectively, in Chicago and Atlanta.

OFLC also administers nationally the issuance of employer-requested prevailing wage determinations through ETA’s National Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center located in Washington, DC. Prevailing wage determinations are issued for use in all nonagricultural temporary labor certification programs and the permanent labor certification program.

Job Training

The Office of Job Corps (OJC) teaches young adults relevant skills they need to become employable and independent and helps them secure meaningful jobs or opportunities for further education. OJC has six regional offices responsible for monitoring and oversight of Job Corps centers, outreach and admissions, and career transition services.

Management and Administrative Services

The Office of Management and Administrative Services (OMAS) is responsible for managing administrative and grant management programs for ETA. OMAS provides critical grant-making, human resources management, information technology services, controlled correspondence, emergency preparedness, Freedom of Information Act coordination, facilities management, and facilitates communication and coordination of activities providing strategic advice, counsel, and customer service to ETA’s National Office and six regions. OMAS also provides technological infrastructure and administrative support for critical ETA functions.

Policy Development and Research

The Office of Policy Development and Research (OPDR) supports ETA policies and investments to improve the public workforce system by analyzing, formulating, and recommending legislative changes and options for policy initiatives, including budget justifications. OPDR coordinates ETA’s legislative and regulatory activities and their interactions with international organizations and foreign countries. OPDR maintains ETA’s portion of the Department's regulatory agenda and disseminates advisories and publications to the public workforce system. OPDR provides ETA with strategic approaches to improve performance and outcomes through research, demonstrations, and evaluation of its major programs. OPDR manages the Workforce Investment Act performance accountability reporting system; oversees the maintenance of wage record exchange systems for State and other grantees; coordinates the development of ETA's Operating Plan; and disseminates workforce program performance results. OPDR also provides policy guidance and technical assistance on the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

Trade Adjustment Assistance

The Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) is responsible for administering a workers assistance program for those who have lost or may lose their jobs because of foreign trade. The TAA program provides reemployment services and allowances for eligible individuals.

Unemployment Compensation

The Office of Unemployment Insurance (OUI) provides national leadership, oversight, policy guidance, and technical assistance to the Federal-State unemployment compensation system. OUI also interprets Federal legislative requirements.

Workforce Investment

The Office of Workforce Investment (OWI) is responsible for implementing an integrated national workforce investment system that supports economic growth and provides workers with the information, advice, job search assistance, supportive services, and training needed for employment. OWI also helps employers acquire skilled workers.

Sources of Information


The ETA uses its advisory system to disseminate its interpretations of Federal laws; procedural, administrative, management, and program direction; and other information to the States, direct grant recipients, and other interested parties.


Unemployment insurance data are available on the ETA Web site.

Program data from the Office of Foreign Labor Certification are available on the ETA Web site.

Statistics, charts, and other information used to analyze the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers program are available on the ETA Web site.

Job Corps

Answers to frequently asked questions are posted on the Job Corps Web site.

The six Job Corps regional offices oversee Job Corps centers nationwide. Contact information for these regional offices is available on the Job Corps Web site.

Job Corps trains more than 60,000 students at 125 centers nationwide. Contact information for these training centers is available on the Job Corps Web site. Phone 800-733-5627.


A large repository of information is available online at the ETA Library.


The ETA posts news releases on its Web site.

Regional Offices

Contact information for the ETA's six regional offices is available on its Web site.


The research publication database provides access to a collection of research and evaluation reports. The ETA commissioned the research and evaluation reports to help guide the workforce investment system in administering effective programs that enhance employment opportunity and business.

Youth Services

The Division of Youth Services has a "Resources" Web page.

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