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Indian Health Service

5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, MD 20857


DIRECTORElizabeth A. Fowler, Acting
Deputy DirectorBenjamin Smith

The Indian Health Service (IHS) organizational structure is composed of two major office groups: headquarters offices and regional offices, which are called areas.

The Indian Health Service, as part of the Public Health Service, provides a comprehensive health services delivery system for American Indians and Alaska Natives. It helps Native American tribes develop their health programs; facilitates and assists tribes in coordinating health planning and obtaining and utilizing health resources available through Federal, State, and local programs, in operating comprehensive health programs and evaluating them; and provides comprehensive health care services, including hospital and ambulatory medical care, preventive and rehabilitative services, and development of community sanitation facilities.

Sources of Information

A–Z Index

The IHS website has an alphabetical index to help visitors search for specific topics or browse content that aligns with their interests.

Archived Records

The "Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States" indicates that IHS records have been assigned to record group 513.


The IHS maintains a blog on its "IHS Blog" web page.

Career Opportunities

For information on employment, visit the "Career Opportunities" web page.

In 2020, the IHS ranked 326th among 411 agency subcomponents in the Partnership for Public Service's Best Places To Work Agency Ranking.

Contact Information

The IHS maintains a "Contact Information" web page that has an electronic "Contact Us" form. For claims-related questions, call the Health Care Services Corporation. Phone, 800-225-0241.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABLITY—An electronic message form is available on the "Environmental Sustainability" website.

MEDIA—Call or email the Public Affairs Office. Phone, 301-443-3593.


RECRUITMENT—The IHS posts information for contacting IHS recruiters of healthcare professionals. | Email:


The IHS maintains an events calendar on its "IHS Calendar" web page.

Environmental Sustainability

The IHS strives to meet all Federal requirements for health and sustainability. Beyond those requirements, the IHS has adopted a forward-leaning environmental posture with regard to activities and programs. To minimize adverse effects on the environment, IHS contractors, suppliers, and staff introduce ecological considerations early when they plan agency operations and implement them. The "Environmental Sustainability" website informs the general public about IHS efforts and things that concerned citizens can do to heighten their sustainability awareness.


IHS factsheets contain general information on the agency and on specific healthcare topics concerning American Indian and Alaska Native people.

Federal Register

Significant documents and documents that the IHS recently published in the Federal Register are accessible online.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The FOIA requires of the IHS to disclose agency records that a person requests in writing. One of the nine exemptions that the statute contains may shield, however, some records, or parts of them, from disclosure.

The FOIA electronic (eFOIA) reading room serves as the central source of FOIA-related documents that are in digital format.


The IHS is divided into twelve physical areas of the United States: Alaska, Albuquerque, Bemidji, Billings, California, Great Plains, Nashville, Navajo, Oklahoma, Phoenix, Portland, and Tucson. To learn more about each of these areas, about its facilities and culture, visit the "Locations" web page.


Announcements, congressional testimony, factsheets, press releases, and speeches are available online. | Email:

Social Media

The IHS has a Facebook account.

The IHS posts videos on its YouTube channel.