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Inter-American Foundation

1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Suite 1200 North, Washington, DC 20004


CHAIREduardo Arriola
Vice ChairJuan Carlos Iturregui
SecretaryJack C. Vaughn, Jr.

DirectorJ. Kelly Ryan
DirectorLuis A. Viada
DirectorRoger W. Wallace

President / Chief Executive OfficerPaloma Adams-Allen
Chief Operating OfficerLesley Duncan
General CounselPaul Zimmerman

Grant-Making and Portfolio ManagementMarcy Kelley
Networks and Strategic InitiativesStephen Cox
Office of External and Government Affairs(vacancy)

The above list of key personnel was updated 09–2017.

The above list of key personnel was updated 09–2017.

The Inter-American Foundation supports social and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) was created in 1969 (22 U.S.C. 290f) as an experimental U.S. foreign assistance program. The Foundation is governed by a nine-person Board of Directors whom the President appoints with the advice and consent of the Senate. Six members are drawn from the private sector and three from the Federal Government. The Board of Directors appoints the president of the Foundation.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the IAF promotes equitable, participatory, and sustainable self-help development by awarding grants and giving other technical assistance directly to local organizations throughout the region. It also partners with the public and private sectors to build support and to mobilize local, national, and international resources for grassroots development.

Sources of Information


The IAF blogs in four languages: English, Kreyol, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Career Opportunities

The IAF posts employment opportunities online.

The IAF posts information on student internships on its Web site.

Corporate Partners

Contact the Office of External and Government Affairs for information on participating in the program for corporate partners. Phone, 202-688-3051. | Email:

Country Portfolios

A list of the countries where the IAF currently works is available on its Web site. Country pages include descriptions of active IAF grants.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The IAF generally discloses documents or records upon receiving a properly submitted request in writing. Records, or parts of them, that one or more of the nine FOIA exemptions shield will not be released. | Email:

The IAF maintains an electronic FOIA reading room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The IAF posts answers to FAQs online.


The IAF funds the self-help efforts of grassroots groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. It welcomes proposals for its grant program.

Multilingual Resources





The IAF posts news items on its Web site.

The IAF posts newsletters on its Web site.

Open Government

The IAF's Open Government Web page has shortcuts to items of interest to the public. | Email:

Organizational Chart

The IAF includes a small organizational chart on its "Our People" Web page.

Project Achievements

The "From the Field" Web page presents highlights and milestones of projects that the IAF has supported.


The IAF produces print and digital publications in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Site Map

The Web site map allows visitors to look for specific topics or to browse content that aligns with their interests.

Social Media

The IAF has a Facebook account.

The IAF tweets announcements and other newsworthy items on Twitter.

The IAF uploads videos to Vimeo. | Email:

For further information, contact the Office of the President, Inter-American Foundation, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Suite 1200 North, Washington, DC 20004. Phone, 202-360-4530.