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State Justice Institute

11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1020, Reston, VA 20190

571-313-8843 | Email:


TreasurerDavid V. Brewer
Jonathan Lippman
Wilfredo Martinez
ChairJohn D. Minton, Jr.
SecretaryGayle A. Nachtigal
Chase T. Rogers

Isabel Framer
Marsha J. Rabiteau
Hernán D. Vera

Vice ChairDaniel J. Becker

The above list of key personnel was updated 10–2019.

The above list of key personnel was updated 10–2019.

The State Justice Institute supports the Nation's judicial system and the public that it serves.


On November 8, 1984, President Ronald W. Reagan approved Public Law 98–620. Title II of that statute, which is commonly cited as the State Justice Institute Act of 1984, established the State Justice Institute as a private nonprofit corporation whose purpose is "to further the development and adoption of improved judicial administration in State courts in the United States" (98 Stat. 3336).

Statutory descriptions of the SJI's duties, Board of Directors, officers and employees, grants and contracts, activities, administrative provisions, Presidential coordination, records and reports, and audits, are codified in chapter 113, sections 10701–10713, of 42 U.S.C.

A Board of Directors that comprises 11 members—six judges, a State court administrator, and four members from the public sector— supervises the SJI. The President appoints the members, by the advice and with the consent of the Senate, to 3-year terms. A member cannot be reappointed to more than two consecutive terms immediately following his or her initial term. The Chair of the Board is selected from among the members, by the members. No more than two of the public sector members can affiliate with the same political party.

The SJI does not post an organizational chart on its website.


The SJI develops solutions to common issues faced by State courts; provides practical products to judges and court staff; ensures that effective approaches in one State are quickly and economically shared with other courts nationwide; and supports national, regional, and instate educational programs to accelerate the transfer of solutions. To accomplish these broad objectives, the SJI is authorized to provide funds through grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts to the State courts and to organizations that support them.

Sources of Information

Archived Records

"Records of the State Justice Institute, 1990 - 2013" have been accessioned by the National Archives and Records Administration. The collection identifier is SJI.

Budget Request

The SJI posted its "Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request" to Congress in Portable Document Format (PDF) on its website.


Documents to view and print are posted online in Portable Document Format (PDF). These documents include a number of forms: assurances, consultant rate, disclosure of lobbying activities, grant application, project budget, reimbursement request, and State approval certificate.


Information on various award and grant types—curriculum adaptation and training grants, the education support program, project grants, and technical assistance grants—is available online.


In 2014, the SJI published its 30th Anniversary Report, which offers a retrospective overview of achievements over the past three decades.


The SJI has posted its priority investment areas for fiscal year 2020.


The SJI posts news items on its website.


Readers may subscribe to the monthly "SJI Newsletter" online.

Social Media

The SJI has a Facebook account.

The SJI tweets announcements and other newsworthy items on Twitter.

The Sources of Information were updated 10–2019.